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Short version: I've been all over the country with the primary goal of helping people get better. Better at leading, better at communicating, better at connecting, better at thinking, better at performing. I write a daily email to help leaders get better. You can sign up for it here.


Longer version: I have a new, best-selling book on how to achieve success that you can get here. I wrote a best-selling book on leadership that you can get here. I founded Fieldhouse Media to help college athletes, coaches and administrators be better on social media. My focus lately is helping leaders and teams unlock their potential and performance with BETTER. I'm also a partner with GiANT. I'm a certified Mental Performance Mastery coach. I've presented and spoken on more than 300 college campuses and national conventions over the past 11 years. I've been quoted by places like ESPN, The New York Times and USA Today. I'm fueled by coffee, read a lot of books and run a lot of miles. I live in OKC with my incredible wife Megan, and my three boys Gabe, Noah and Asher.


Who I've Worked With

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How I Can Help You


I've given more than 500 keynotes, presentations and workshops - from social media use to leadership, culture to communication - over the last 10 years. Whether a crowd of dozens or thousands (on a campus, conference or church), in person or virtual, I love bringing a combination of energy and practical application to an audience, helping them leave both entertained and with a plan to get better.



I work with leaders at every level - both 1:1 and in group settings - with a customized program to help them get as close to 100% health as possible, and then learn to multiply that leadership into their teams and families. An investment in you is an investment in everyone around you.

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Culture is a competitive advantage. Most leaders talk about it, great leaders create it. I work with sports teams and organizations of all sizes to help implement a leadership operating system. It's a simple, scalable solution that impacts communication, influence, alignment execution and capacity, in order to build high-performing teams and a championship culture. 


My best-selling story about the path to accomplishing your goals



365 days of leadership inspiration and challenge

How social media is changing the student athlete experience



The Sports Leadership Podcast

co-hosted with Mark Hodgkin

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The Leadership Minute Podcast

60 seconds to becoming a better leader

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Coffee with Kevin

series on YouTube

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